Teaching About Slavery

INTRODUCTION One of the great tragedies of history was the treatment of Africans and African Americans. African slavery had existed well before Africans arrived with some of the earliest European settlers. Another tragedy is the attempt to educate children about slavery by isolating and excluding pertinent facts. Many politicians and other organizations have opted to […]

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Why Asian American hatred is a hoax?

Asian Americans are reporting that hatred from other races continues to rise since the COVID-19 pandemic. With the recent killings of Asians in Atlanta, there has been a great outcry for additional support. The reality is that Asian Americans have historically benefited in the areas of income, poverty, unemployment, and education. In 2018 annual median […]

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Asian Hate

How can people who support #BlackLivesMatter measure the #StopAsianHate movement?

The factors that that have permeated the #Blacklivesmatter and #StopAsianHate have two different discrimination foundations. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. The discrimination factors for the #Blacklivesmatter movement are historical while the #StopAsianHate factors are unfounded according to […]

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School to Prison Pipeline

Tips for Avoiding the School to Prison Pipeline

Dr. Campbell and a wide range of panelist to include an attorney, a local superintendent of schools and several community activist discuss tips for avoiding the school to prison pipeline. Dr. Campbell emphasizes that the school to prison pipeline is the result of a communication event, and this travesty will continue until teachers learn to […]

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Financial Literacy for Students

Financial Literacy for Students Session – Stock Investments

Dr. Campbell has started a Financial Literacy Series for students due to the widening of the wealth gap between Whites and Blacks. Dr. Campbell invited Financial Advisor expert, Yale University Graduate Ty Agar, to provide parents with real and educational tips for teaching children to become successful Financial Advisors. Mr. Agar speaks about the rewards […]

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