About The Quarantine Racism® Movement

Quarantine Racism strives to drive innovation and black inclusivity in education systems by equipping those who educate black students. It serves as a touchpoint for reflecting on the value and rich diversity that Black students, Black educators and staff, and Black communities contribute to our schools. Quarantine Racism enables Education leaders to acquire the skills, resources, and partnerships with black communities to create school environments that center Black voices, recognize community and student assets, and nurture those strengths to achieve success.

We give out resources that equip teachers to identify students’ needs and learn about each student’s unique aspirations and perspectives. School leaders can consider the targeted guidance we provide to create an inclusive workplace for teachers.

We generate income to support this movement through sales of products available on this website. Funds generated help us improve educator diversity and enhance student outcomes by providing the following training and services:

  • Classroom Management Mini-Course
  • Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Management Course
  • Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Leadership Course
  • Leadership Academy

Dr. Derrick Campbell

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